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If a picture is worth a thousand words,
imagine what a marketing campaign says.

Advertising. Advertising increases your sales, impacts your customers’ perceptions, and - best of all - terrifies your competitors. Advertising should be the core of your business because without it your company will suffer.
Catalogs, Newsletters, Magazines, Newspapers, Direct Mail, Postcards, Brochures, Ad Design and Placement

Company Image. Take an honest look at your logo, your letterhead, and your brochure. Does it compliment the image of your company? Does your current literature demand attention or does it seem out of date? a.w.Designs helps you design, refine, and promote the company image that is best suited for your company and your target audience.
Company Logo, Brochure, Literature, Letterhead, PowerPoint Presentations, Business Cards, Corporate Wear

Internet. Did you know your company can leverage the internet as a sales and marketing tool? With the marriage of the online and offline worlds, a.w.Designs develops new marketing techniques to bring together an Internet and traditional media strategy.
Website Design, Hosting, and Maintanence

Public Relations.
blic relations creates awareness, shift perceptions, and moves markets. At a time when perceptions are increasingly molded by mass media, it is important that you have a solid public relations strategy firmly in place.
Newsletters, Publicity Seminars, Community Events, Corporate Wear, Promotional Items, Banners

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